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Facebook takes down main page of Myanmar military

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2 hours ago, webfact said:

Facebook on Sunday deleted the main page of the Myanmar military under it standards prohibiting the incitement of violence

I bet they're quaking in their little boots.

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4 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

Excellent work. Despots must be treated with total disregard, and never shown respect. May the youth prevail. 


I don't consider it excellent work at all. For some reason FaceBook finds it in their heart to ban the Myanmar

military - my my, 3 cheers. There is no real meaningful standards or transparency to be found in their action.


Meanwhile, (few examples)

1) the Chinese CCP still on FB (what about the Uyghurs)

2) Iran still on FB (death to Israel and the USA)

3) North Korea still on FB (nuclear weapons threats)


I'd call it selective censorship not anything to be applauded.  It is even plausible that behind the scenes

the Biden administration had Facebook take the action. What do we really know about what happened

in Myanmar except Suu Kyi out military in?  Why?  There must be "reasons", what was she up to? Election

fraud seems to be the public claim, who knows what all is happening behind the scenes.  She has also been

criticized for her policy towards the Rohingya and her cozy relationship with China.  There is definitely

a lot more going on than we know about.


Good chance Facebook gets banned in Myanmar, that's my prediction. (assuming the military clings to power)


For the record, I'm no fan of what has occurred in Myanmar.




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