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Isaan is a tough place to farm. We are a very small family, probably because most is old and dying, and the young has grown up and made a run for the big cities. Our major bulk crop we sell to big corporations, there are no other choices. Without GMO seeds I can not grow produce fast to sell when it comes in demand. Also GMO seed allows to grow feed year round to supply my animals. Water and electricity around the village is supplied by the gov. connection, it is dirt cheap and reliable enough to run pumps, lights etc. Out on the farm land I am dependent on machines, parts and fuel needed to keep things going.

And I keep my money in a bank, it allows me to cash in on cheap life insurance, crop insurance and other yearly deals that benefit us in the long run.

We can not be 'self sufficient' by choice, maybe because we are poor as <deleted>, or it is just the not way the agriculture puzzle fits together in Thailand for us.

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On 2/22/2021 at 4:16 PM, NACHALUAY said:

perhaps this is not the precise section to post this, but here goes.


My family and I are farmers in Isaan, and we would very much like to get in touch with anyone who is on a similar wavelength to us. Namely, self sufficiency, and far less dependancy on the major institutions, banks, big pharma, GMO seeds, energy companies etc etc., not necessarily in Isaan but elsewhere too.


Hi NACHALUAYI am interested in self sufficiency. I use solar and battery storage for power and have rainwater harvesting. We are beginning to grow more of our own food. My blog records what we are doing: https://EcoHouseThailand.com/ If this is your sort of thing send me a message. 




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