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Yamaha GT 125 2015 model

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Hi Guys

Need help the bike has mag wheels which i assume are tubeless tyres,my problem is this , stock wheel sizes are as follows

Front 80/80-14 rim Rear 100/70-14 rim

Can someone please post me an alternative to the set,as getting 100/70 -14 rim is difficult on lazada / shopee etc..

The rear wheel at the moment has 90/90-14 but the height clearance between tyre and wheel arch is tiny..

Thanks for your help

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100/70 does indeed seem to be a rarity, if you want the stock size your Yamaha dealer should be able to source them though.

If the current ones in 90/90 work, then tires in 100/80 should work as well (same height as the ones you currently use, one centimeter more radius than stock, but same width as stock), and that's also a common size

There is also 90/80 (same height as the stock tire, 1 centimeter narrower), not really common but a few options exist.

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not tubeless . while 14 inch dia " law maxx" alloys are an option on many scoots , google ล้อ แม็กซ์ gt 125 i'm unsure what's actually on your bike( gt's come standard with these wheels) as do mx models. and for sale on aftermarket


it's not unheard of for boys to mount 17" wheels on these step-thrus. so better measure what you've got there as your clearance comment is concerning. the 1st # is width of tread in mm . the 2nd # is carcass height as a % of width( profile). 3rd # fits wheel dia.  minor deviations from stock specs might be possible. likely speedo incorrect

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1 hour ago, tucker4444 said:


First number is the tire width in mm

Second number is the aspect ratio - percentage of tire height to width, in this case 90% as tall as it is wide.

Tire height meaning height of the sidewall.

The stock 100/70 is 100mm wide and 70mm high - 70% aspect ratio.

You can use these to calculate changes to overall diameter to resolve tire height issues i.e. clearance between the tire and the fender

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to correct myself, doing some thai language searches on inner

tubes with these wheels it appears they can be run both ways ( tubeless w/ special valve stems or conventional w/tube) i've got 2 125's one spoked and one with alloys, both running inner tubes 70/90-14 front 90/90-14 rear


tire ยางนอก tube ยางใน

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as a maths exercise . i calculate  the resulting gearing reduction at 3.5% over stock but same as tyres you're taking off. we can all rest easy


14 in = 35.6cm + 8cm(x2)

x(π) = 162cm/ revolution 

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