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Typical "fee" to Amphur big boss official to attend wedding?

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We learned in Chiang Mai that only the big boss has authority to sign the Thai marriage document for a farang+thai marriage. As we want to have the same marriage date as our wedding ceremony date, we've been able to book in advance the big boss to make a quick stop at the ceremony to issue the paperwork+signatures, etc..


The venue's wedding planner who has worked with many weddings, said their might be an extra "fee" for this official to come, also considering it's a Saturday, 3-day weekend,  1 hour drive in the mountains away from the Amphur Office. She mentioned years ago in Mae Rim at a different hotel venue, even 3,000 baht was not enough "fee".  So far in Hang Dong, the big boss is 2 weeks new in his office and hasn't made it clear what the "fee" is, or if there is any fee. I don't know how to subtly ask,  haha, hence this post on this forum. 

Any experience what a typical "fee" to Amphur big boss official to attend wedding?

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17 minutes ago, lopburi3 said:

Not sure but as I recall there was an official fee for such service and additional fee for travel in the past and a one hour drive would greatly increase that requirement (this is the same district I hope).  Your future spouse should be getting that information (she the wedding planner I suspect?).


Yes, that is our understanding... the long windy road away from the Amphur office into the Chiang Mai mountains, although 1-hour away, is still within this Amphur so will merit some sort of "gas money" cost. 

Because the local Amphur Office hasn't had a big boss in several months, but now has a new one as of 2 weeks ago, no-one (wedding planners, hotel, lower staff at the office) is sure of the norms anymore.  haha, lucky us to be the guinea pigs

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Do the "Buddhist" ceremony and wedding on Saturday and go to the Amphur on Monday. Enjoy the extra day of freedom. Even in the West the official marriage and the church ceremony are on a different day. I had about 2 years in between them, wedding ceremony and party for the family and legal marriage at the Amphur.


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pony up. this on is totally on you. you are asking a govt official to come 1 hour to your place on a long weekend for something you can do on monday morning on your own time. i'd charge you at least 5k baht if i was him.


maybe hire adam sandler next time. o wait. 

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