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Can Immigration refuse future visa extensions if I decide never to do my 90 report again?

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16 hours ago, sanuk711 said:

I don't understand CharlieH..... every office I have been to (& I have lived before it even came in) they add apiece of paper to your passport, which the next time they remove and add another dated piece. I have never taken anything other then my passport in for a 90 day check.

You are very lucky and you certainly do not live in CNX. They changed their own rules at least 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years just for the 90 days and maybe 10 X for the yearly extension during the last 25+ years. 

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an extension is entirely at the discretion of immigration, they don't even need a reason to not approve it.

OP, after some thought I don't think your idea is crazy. In a way it would just add 2000baht to your annual extension. Some folk will state that it only takes 2 minutes online reporting. However

if the consequence of disobeying this ridiculous law is an annual 2,000 baht fine then I will disobey with great enthusiasm! 

16 hours ago, foreverlomsak said:

Why would Immigration want to stop it, if they enhance it more junior officers would be required to manage it, more junior officers means more senior officers supervising, more senior officers means more Generals, and more prestige. Also the possibility of more brown envelopes.

I was thinking something similar 🙂

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17 hours ago, bkk6060 said:


The 90 day report is:

The purpose of 90-day reporting is to confirm your address and current status with Thai immigration.

That is wanting to know about you and your life?  

It is so simple and easy takes less then one minute at my local office they never ask me anything about me and my life.  

But, good for you as you do not have to do anything in Laos but of course, you hire an agent.

Would not be my choice at all huge huge downgrade from Thailand one of the poorest communist low 3rd world land locked countries in the world.


You may be right but that communist country at least uses some common sense regarding this subject. And.... in my few any government official in any country worldwide is a little "communist minded person" hired by the state that would be lost without that job from the state. Thailand is heading in the direction of big brother China regarding laws and officialdom.

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36 minutes ago, claffey said:

It is 4000 baht if you are caught by immigration. The bigger picture here is that you should follow the laws and immigration regulations of the country you reside in. Thailand rules are actually a lot easier than for Thais who want to live in Europe, US etc...we can often arrive in Thai on 30 day stamp and change visa status if needed. There is no chance of that for Thais in Europe.

You are right about that but once they are in that country they are treated the same way as the locals, if not they can sue for discrimination (and many NGO's are willing to help them for free with that). They can do at least a hundred things that I'm not allowed after 30 years in Thailand legally. An illegal Thai has still more rights in my home country than me as a legal foreigner, paying tax,  married with children and employing local people. Getting in is the only big problem as you mention. 

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21 hours ago, Boomer6969 said:

On line it takes 5 minutes, add another 5 to 10 minutes if you want to keep your paperwork tidy. So, I don't get it ?.. 🤔

I usually do it online. Last time I couldn't because I received a new passport. This time (so far) I cannot because the system has been down for about a week.


It will take me most of the day and about 600 Baht to go there. It is too late to do by mail

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In addition to the fine for being late (and/or not doing a 90-day report) one never knows what other complications could result.


My understanding is for a 90-day report, one can do the report anytime in the period from 2 weeks prior to the date to 1-week after the date, without a fine. 


My experience:


Recently, I went to do my 90-day report on the 7th day after the reporting due date (ie last day of the 1-week after the 90-day reporting due date).  Prior to going to do the report, I went to my bank (Bangkok Bank) to get the letter to certify that I had the prerequisite 800k in my bank account (for an extension on my permission to stay by reason of retirement). The bank official, not understanding foreign passports, saw the 'stapled' 90-day report paper in my passport, noted that I was a week late in my 90 day report, and initially refused to do any paperwork for me. They incorrectly claimed I was illegally overstaying my 'permission to stay' and noted Banks are not allowed to do such paperwork for people overstaying.   It took some time, to show the Bank Official the various stamps in the passport, and explain that a 90-day report is NOT the same as a permission to stay.  Problem solved, paperwork obtained, but it was painful.


Then when I went to immigration that same day, to do my 90-day report, they noted their computer system was down, and I was told to come back tomorrow (which would be 8-days after my 90-day report date). That would mean a fine of  what ?  200 baht/day x 8-days = 1,600 Thai baht?  Eventually after some talking with a different helpful immigration official, it was noted my 90-day report could be done 'manually', and so I did it on day-7 (even thou computers were down) and I thus was not fined.   I note thou, instead of the usual significantly less than 10-minute 90-day report, it was close to 1-hour to sort through the chats/paperwork (due to downed computers) - all in part because I waited for the last day.


So one never knows what complication may arise.


I also wonder, if one is stopped by the police, and they check one's passport , note the stapled paper in one's passport has a 90-day report date that has long since passed, might they use that as an excuse to put one up in the Police's less than pleasant 'holding cell/facilities', while passport stuff is sorted?   ... Likely not, but why take the chance ?


IMHO - just do the 90-day report, and do not wait for the last possible day.

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