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Honda Wave 100 - front fender and wheel misalignment?

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Hey all. Anyone know what's up here? Is it a serious/expensive issue? For some reason only noticed it today and now I'm worried I could've injured myself because I probably have been riding with it for over 2,000km with it.





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If you know nothing about it take it to you local Honda dealership kr where you get it serviced it's a 5 minute adjustment job.

Unless they say bearings are a problem, still a cheap job. 

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You are worried because you could have injured yourself by riding 2000km.


Better get checked out by doctor right away.

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Did someone put a spacer washer on the wrong side?  And the forks could be a bit tweaked, too.  Had that happen once when I center punched a couple kids on a Honda 110 (90?) and I flew over the handlebars.

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Stand facing the rear of the bike, with the front wheel between your legs.

Squeeze the wheel between your knees, grab the handlebars, and twist them until the forks line up and the fender is centered.

Ride On

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a few observations  . the tire wear appears perfectly normal . we really shouldn't be using the tweaked, plastic fender as a reference point for wheel tracking , alignment or whatever


get a 6 inch scale , measure distance from fork to tire or rim. i,m guessing it's close


if there were spacers missing, the axle nut would not tighten but try and compress forks together


this is drum brake option , i saw a disc brake version( mounted on right side)  that had same look about it. p.s. just another old guy blathering 

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