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NESDB says retiree needs 2.8 – 4 million baht savings to survive for the rest of life

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NESDB says retiree needs 2.8 – 4 million baht savings to survive for the rest of life




People in Thailand need retirement savings of between 2.8 and 4 million baht to survive for the rest of their lives, according to the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) Secretary-General Danucha Pichayanan on Tuesday, referring to a special report, titled “Income Security for the Aged: For a Better Quality of Life”, authored by the government’s think-tank.


The report says that Thailand will officially become an aged society in the next two years and super aged society in the next 12 years, but the savings of older people will not be sufficient to live a modest life, unless the state promotes more saving by the public and tries to help retirees to develop a source of income after their retirement.


Citing a study on savings after retirement, Danucha said that a retiree in an urban area must have at least four million baht saved to survive after their retirement, or 2.8 million baht for those in rural areas.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/nesdb-says-retiree-needs-2-8-4-million-baht-savings-to-survive-for-the-rest-of-life/



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Cue the high roller mongerers with their massive houses, wife/10 mia nois, 7 cars and and assorted bikes... 'I wouldn't last a month on that!"  

Exactly my thought.  I've enough savings to live quite comfortably ... as long as I die according to schedule

Indeed and this is why many feel pressured to enter into the sex industry because money earned from menial jobs like 7/11 clerk or factory worker would not be enough to support the family.  

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So just how many years of life expectancy are they basing that figure on?


I know they are talking about Thai people here, but in my case id have to around 70y.o  and dead before 80 to.make those figures work

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