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Advice buying a 2nd hand Ford Laser glx 2002 model.. (Girl newbie here)

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On 2/25/2021 at 1:40 PM, Aina24 said:

This is pretty much spot on of what I'm going to be looking for when I do the inspection later today. Thanks mate!

Thanks mate!

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On 2/24/2021 at 1:12 PM, Peterw42 said:

OP, for 50k I dont think you could go wrong. So long as it starts and stops, no smoke or noises etc.

I wouldn't bother with an inspection on a 20 year old car as they will find lots of minor things wrong, , anything major would be obvious to see.


The great thing in Thailand is the cost of repairs, even if repairs are necessary in the future, ends up being cheap.


A compression test could save some future headaches.

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I went in for an inspection to get an estimated quote and the bill came to 20,000bht. This covers all the that I've mentioned in the previous posts, plus some other minors. I'll attach the form that covers everything listed. Please let me know if I'm getting a good deal or not.  Much appreciated!

wrap sheet.jpg

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9 hours ago, KannikaP said:

Point taken. But crappy looking wiper blades? Who looks at them, well from the outside.


The only person that matters would see them ever time I got in. 


I ordered a Bosch set, mounted one and sent them back. You would really have to see the difference to understand. 


That said, we’re it twenty years old I’d of gone with them...

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39 minutes ago, KannikaP said:

Difference in looks or performance?


The way they look on the vehicle. I imagine they work fine.  The aftermarket blades look very out of place on the vehicle. Perhaps had I never seen the originals it would not bother me. 


In any event, it's not long money, and while the Fortuner was something of a disappointment, I like the way it looks and it drives okay and it's been trouble free for the most part so I don't mind shelling out for the new OEM blades each year. 



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