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Investigations continue into death of "pretty" Wawa - "man of means" involved

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Investigations continue into death of "pretty" Wawa - "man of means" involved



Image: Daily News


Pahonyopthin police and forensics officers armed with a search warrant went to a house in Sena Nikhom Soi 1 in Chatuchak district of Bangkok yesterday after the death of a hostess or pretty called Wawa.


Witchayaporn Wisetsombat or Wawa had been taken from the house in a Honda Accord car to Paolo Kaset hospital where she died.


She had been hired as an "entertainer" at a party at the house by a man who has been named only as Geng.


Daily News reported that yesterday at 5pm a man arrived in a cap, mask and sunglasses to conceal his identity. He was in an Accord. 


Samples of his hair, body hair, fingerprints and other items in the car were taken and examined. 


He then left hurriedly on a motorcycle taxi.


Pol Col Namkiat Thirarotnapong of the Pahonyothin police said that a CCTV server from the house had been retrieved.


He refused to be drawn on speculation that Wawa had the drugs ecstacy and ketamine in her system.


Human rights lawyer Atchariya Reuangratanapong said that there had been ten "pretties" at the party and five men.


Geng had paid the pretties their fees.


The owner of the house was not yet known but was a "person of means", said the lawyer. 


Police are in the process of interviewing the pretties at the party to determine who, if anyone, gave drugs to the victim. 


Investigations continue.


Source: Daily News



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8 hours ago, from the home of CC said:

Without the work of the woman of this country it would of collapsed long ago. Yet they're still being exploited, abused and discriminated against on a daily basis. The problem is that it is not limited to just Thailand and so the push for change is limited. The world would be in a better place imo if more women called the shots..

I agree

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