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1.Thai ID Card / 2. 10 year Thai passport.

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There aren't black and white rules on this one as in the past, (more often for the ID card, less so for the passport as they typically will respect that you want a new one if you're even a few months shy of the '6 month remaining to travel' rule), I've run into the lazy gene "oh, you have plenty of time left..." (no need to do it today on my shift).    


The workaround for your ID card is 1) presuming you have more than one home 2) just go to your local district office and 'move yourself' from one house registration to another.   For example making yourself the 'jao baan' of your other house, building,  or condo, etc.    Part of the process involves a mandatory new ID card doesn't matter if you have a fresh ID card that you just had made last month.  The other way is to (accidentally of course) fall and scrape your card along the sidewalk slightly so that you need to replace it.  The same for your passport.   'It accidentally got wet while I was skiing in Zermatt, so I'd like to renew please.  On your shift.'   



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1 hour ago, Aomelia said:

10 year started 2 year ago 

It was announced then but it still says 5 years on the MFA website and no one has reported getting one. It has repeatedly been delayed. Thanks anyway for your reply.

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2 hours ago, Aomelia said:

10 year started 2 year ago 

Has any one been issued a  Thai passport recently? If so was it for 10 years, or as in the past only for 5 years?

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Web search is tiresome.

I remember the announcements of "August 2020", postponed to "September 2020".

But here the trail ends.

Can't find proof that they are actually issued now.

Added to the list:

next week in Pattaya, will snoop around the passport office and check.


Thai Embassy website Germany: 5 years. No change.

A project delayed in Thailand? Hard to believe :dry:

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