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So I got my STV visa a few days ago, and I notice the visa expires after 3 months it was issued, maybe I misunderstood how it works.


I have had a METV visa before, and the expiry date was 6 months and I could renew it when ever I wanted on the border inside of those 6 months,

should the STV visa expiry date not be 9 months? and I can extend the 90 days 2 times more at the immigration office?


Did I mess something up in my visa application?

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The expiry date of your visa is the date by which you must enter the country.  Whenever you do you will get a 90 day permission to stay.  It is that permission to stay that can be further extended at immigration.

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A recent post...


I was in Nonthaburi to extend my STV visa. Here's what the officer asked


1. Copy of passport

2. Copy of TM6

3. Copy of STV visa page on your passport

4. TM7, use the last updated one or get it from Immigration Office. With a photo affixed.

5. STM 2. Declaration that you're aware about overstay and the penalties.
6. ASQ certificate letter stating that you've completed 14 days quarantine.

7. Some kind of proof that you indeed stayed at the ASQ, i produced my ASQ hotel receipt ( room charges )
8. Health Insurance showing coverage amount, line by line items in details of IP, OP, Covid coverage amount.
9. Rental. To state clearly rental period when to when, at where, 4 signatures either passport or Thai ID at the end of agreement ( the usual standard contract ). If the rental's address is in Bangkok, you can only extend visa in Bangkok. Rental period should cover at least 3 months more.


And sign at every page.

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