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Pattaya: Set to be the hub of international sports and fitness for the people

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9 minutes ago, daveAustin said:

Here we go. Don't know why they don't just rename the place Hubbaya.


It is already the hubba hubba hub 🙂

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I am not sure what kind of sport big boss trying to push but I like his way of think.

Hopefully it will be ready for me in 2021.

Viva soi6.

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10 hours ago, rooster59 said:

An upbeat mayor of Pattaya Sontaya Khunpluem told Sophon Cable TV that Pattaya and Chonburi and the rest of the eastern seaboard under the EEC plans will become a hub of international sports and fitness.

what's next? A hub for international snake oil production?

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He is probably overstating the idea, which shouldn't be a surprise. He is a politician after all and they rarely speak the plain truth.

Also keep in mind that they have to promote the idea to get people to buy into it. Local (Thai) people, not fat, old bar stool anchors whose only exercise is yelling at the TV when a footie match is playing.

When he mentions "Olympic aspects" it should be very obvious he isn't suggesting hosting the Olympics. However, some of the venues could have Olympic calibre facilities. I'm thinking Track and Field, weightlifting, things like volleyball and badminton courts and maybe even Olympic calibre swimming pools (though that might be a stretch as things like that need a lot of care and maintenance, which costs money).

And there is no reason why Pattaya couldn't be the "hub" of sports and fitness - in the EEC. Pattaya is pretty much in the middle of it, is easy to get to, has loads of accommodations and already has some facilities (like at the Chaiyapruek Stadium).

Get some more, high calibre facilities and it wouldn't be hard to see Pattaya as major sports and fitness center in Thailand. 

Maybe not for all those gray-haired pillsbury doughboy expats that wouldn't go anywhere near such a place anyways but, hold your beer and try not to spill it when you hear this, I suspect these plans and announcements aren't aimed at that expat crowd anyways. 

Shocking, isn't it ?

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13 minutes ago, overherebc said:

I was thinking of the 500 metres bag-snatch hurdles. 

As the bag snatchers tend to be mostly katoeys, would they compete as men or women (as there isn't a "third" gender in the Olympics - yet) ?

(Although that guy in New Zealand who couldn't compete as a man has decided he's now a woman and has been winning a lot of competitions (against smaller, lighter "real" women) lately. Seems he could make New Zealand's Olympic team. Wouldn't that stir up a hornet's nest !)

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