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Download songs from youtube onto USB stick

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I used to have a site where I could copy paste the link into and simply download the tunes of my choice to a USB stick. Anyways, haven't done that in years and now I need to start again (lost the old thumb drive and had no back up ...). Which site can you recommend? The easier / less clicks, the better. Only interested in music, don't care about videos. Don't know if that makes a difference or not. 

Thanks again in advance. 

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I gave this a trial at the weekend, you dont need to spend time doing a cut and paste addresses - you just make a playlist, add your chosen tracks to the playlist and the app will download the audio and file for you.

You need to install it on your machine tho’ 




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33 minutes ago, JAMJAMT said:

I use this Amazon Music Converter to download Amazon Music tracks to MP3 then import USB stick .

I didn't even know Amazon had online music! It's been a decade since I've used their site. 

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