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Thai media upbeat saying 7,600+ "tourists" visited Thailand in January

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Someone needs to work back from a realistic plan which copes with 30m+ tourists which is clearly not going to include quarantine so the first item on the agenda is how and when are they going to remove, not reduce, quarantine.


If they say in 6 months time, then all demand will fall leading up to that point because no-one will want to pay for quarantine and the hi-so hotel owners will not allow that as they'll have zero income, so it has to pretty much disappear overnight.


This could force a reduced interim quarantine, which would eventually be easier to remove totally but 10 days is still too long as is 7 days really. 5 days might just float, together with a test before and a test on day 4, results on day 5. Dropping 5 days to zero is far far easier than from a much higher number and there would be little need to give much advance warning.


The costs would be far lower, perhaps 5/10k at the bottom end up to 10/20k at the 5* level.


There is no market for insisting everyone is vaccinated. I simply cannot see that making any sense but hey ho, this is the Land Of Lunatics so perhaps that is exactly the bright plan they will come up with next !

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More likely that they were business people, who needed to go in person to Thailand for a reason.  If they were

travelling for leisure, they are likely still in country, because of the quarantine period, as well as their holiday time.

  Wow less than 8000, is pethatic for that time of year, huh...


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Seeing a lot more Youtube travel vloggers showing up, recent arrivals documenting their process, flights, arrival and ASQ, over the past month.


It's actually more than I would have imagined, but believe the December figure was 6,556, so makes sense. ~ 245 per day.



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