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Non-O visa (based on marriage), what is the correct chronological order?

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After reading several embassies' how-to websites I got the impression that they all have their own interpretation of the current set of regulations.


Therefore I'd like to ask everyone here who has successfully managed to enter Thailand recently to confirm or deny:
the safest method to avoid any issues would be to do it precisely in this order.

1.) Book an ASQ or ALQ.
2.) Book a flight.
3.) Purchase health insurance.
4.) Apply for the visa.
5.) Pick up the visa two days later.
6.) Apply for the CoE.
And 72 hours before boarding the aircraft:
7.) Ask your GP for a fit-to-fly letter.
8.) Get tested for covid at a PCR test centre.
9.) Receive your covid PCR test results the next day.

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You might want to advise from where as expect different countries may have different requirements for visa issue.

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I did this from the UK in November last year. 

(at least that is my recollection. Not sure exactly when I purchased the insurance - if it was required for the Visa I would have got it before that otf course)


1.) Apply for the Non-O visa based on marriage.
2.) Pick up the visa next day.

3.) Check flights availability for the day I wanted to travel
4.) Got an ASQ room held for the right dates 
5.) Booked the flight.

6.) Booked the ASQ hotel properly
7.) Purchased health insurance.
9.) Applied for the CoE.


And no mre than 72 hours before check-in:
10.) Get tested for covid at a PCR test centre.
11.) Receive your covid PCR test results and FTF the next day.

I got my Covid test 2 days before the flight, with guaranteed results next day. So when I travelled it was only 48 hrs old.


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