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37 minutes ago, rocky123 said:

Any "up to date" times for bus to Bangkok. Tried google ++ all old news.  Thankyou

I am 99% sure they switched back to every hour a number of weeks ago.....

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Sat on the 7pm bus Ekkami to Pattaya. Last bus us 8pm. Got the 10am Pattaya to Ekkami this morning; 2 hours journey time

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10 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

Is that North Pattaya Bus station? looks like some mini van thing


I was under the impression that was North Pattaya Bus Station ..... well, the top right part to Ekkamai.

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I came yesterday from Mor Chit2..was 7 and 9 am.. But now it looks like hourly.  The link was accurate, unlike much of the bus info given here. https://airportpattayabus.com/

Oh, and apparently you gotra be a rude grouch to work for Roong Reuang, except for the airport busses, which are cleaner and newer, too. I got to MorChit from Nonthaburi for 18 THB yesterday... just get to Bang Su, cut through the new train station and catch a bus in front of the juvenile court.. almost all are going to morchitt2 to turnaround. 

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