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Young Man Undergoes Plastic Surgery Transformation After Failing to Find Job Because of His Looks

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A 26-year-old Vietnamese man claims to have radically changed his appearance with the help of plastic surgery, after being laughed at during a job interview, because of his looks.


TikTok user Đỗ Quyền has been getting a lot of attention on Asian social media, after posting photos of what he claims is his former self before undergoing nine plastic surgery procedures.


Looking at the difference in appearance, it’s easy why people are shocked; the guy looks like a completely different person, from the shape of his face, to his eyes and nose.


He claims that he turned to plastic surgery after trying to get a job and being laughed at by the interviewer, because of his unattractive looks.


I think it’s safe to say that if these before and after photos had been shared by someone other than Đỗ Quyền, it would have been hard to believe that they are the same person.


In fact, even Đỗ has had to deal with a lot of skepticism from people who just couldn’t believe it was him.


The young man, who currently works as a makeup artist in Saigon, told his TikTok followers that he spent an estimated 400 million dong ($17,400) on nine major plastic surgeries, including rhinoplasty, chin implants, porcelain veneers, lip reshaping, double eyelid surgery and lip implants.


Speaking on why he turned to plastic surgery, the 26-year-old said that his inferior looks made it hard for him to get a job, and after being ridiculed by a potential employer during a job interview, he decided it was time to make a change.


His family isn’t exactly well-off, so he had to fund the cosmetic procedures from his own savings.


“The first time I came home after plastic surgery, my parents did not recognize me,  Đỗ Quyền said.


“I expected as much, but I still could not hold back my tears.”


The young makeup artist regularly posts photos of and videos of himself on Instagram and TikTok, including transition clips which emphasize his dramatic transformation.


Even though he has his share of critics, Đỗ Quyền has no regrets about turning to plastic surgery, and tells his followers that they should all do whatever makes them feel comfortable.



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Yeah I can see the before he was below average but not really that horrible. Probably losing the moustache and getting a good haircut would have done something. I can see in his career field that looks matter more than most.

Overall, I think he got very good value for money for his procedures. Imagine how much that would have cost in L.A.!

I suppose the novelty here is that he's male (shouldn't be) but also that he really doesn't look like the same person at all. 

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Very sad people can"t like, accept and be comfortable with who they are. 


H looks normal in the 1st pic but looks like a plastic white shop dummy with makeup and painted on eyebrows and lips in the second.


That was a waste of money and he had been taken advantage of by the plastic surgery business. 


All he needed to do was get s good hair cut and perhaps pluck a few eyebrows. Much cheaper and less stressful.


Looking average or even disgustingly ugly is no problem to getting a job unless the job is being a hooker or brain dead self obsessed social media 'star'.  One only has to look at the faces of most of the world leaders and military top people to see looks don"t matter.

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Would have certainly considered his qualifications before the surgery, as talent and dedication are always in short supply. Seeing him after the surgery, I would have immediately dismissed his application due to an obvious lack of good judgement.

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Yeah he does look plastic, K pop, gayish to westerners but I think if people just saw him on the street they wouldn't necessarily think multiple plastic surgeries. If he's happier starting his adult life looking more show business than fugly good for him. 

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6 hours ago, tominbkk said:

looks like an alien now.  At least he looked human before.

Perhaps. I reckon he was better in bed during before. Ugly guys try harder. As others have said his after looks kind of K pop. That's presumably as popular in Vietnam as Thailand. 

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My former boss told me, "there are no ugly people, just lazy people."


If the guy in the 1st picture took care of himself, got a nice haircut, shaved, worked out, and dressed nicely, he would have been just fine.

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