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Renewing passport in the UK with current 1 year extension

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A friend returning there next week with a brand new retirement extension and re-entry permit realises that he may be unable to return before his passport expires in six months. 


Will he be able to return on said extension and permit as they will be in an expired passport.? 

Can the embassy or a consulate transfer them to the new one or can that only be done here.? 


All advice/info gratefully received. 

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Many thanks Joe. I am sure that has been asked and answered many times before, but I was unable to find it. 

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I was in a similar situation myself a couple of years ago when I renewed my passport whilst I was in the U.K.   
As UbonJoe says carry the new and the old passport. 
I was only granted a 7 day Permission to Stay at Suvarnabhumi Airport Immigration despite my Extension of Stay - Retirement, having 6 months left until it expired. 
I was told to go to my local Immigration Office in Thailand to complete the transfer to my new passport. 
I went the next day and my new passport was updated accordingly with my Extension of Stay reflecting the original date in my old passport. 
So your friend should not worry if like me they only get stamped in for 7 days at at Suvarnabhumi Airport Immigration.

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Under normal circumstances, the retirement extension (and the associated re-entry permit) will only have been for the remaining validity of his current passport. If, as you wrote, his old passport will have expired, the same will be true of his retirement extension. Thus, arriving in Thailand with the new passport plus the old one will not allow the retirement extension to be resurrected. Best will probably be to enter visa exempt, and apply for a new Non O and eventually extension when already in Thailand.

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5 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

All valid visas, extension of stay and re-entry permit remain valid in a passport after it expires or is canceled when a new one is issued.

People have used both passports many times to enter the country with a valid re-entry permit.

Obviously, if Immigration granted him an extension that ran past the expiry date of his passport, you are correct. However, in my experience, that is not often allowed.

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