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Air pollution - Fires - Haze

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 It is not good 


It looks like Chiang Rai Province is much better than the provinces south of us!

First pic fires during March 2 and the second pic is fires during last week. 






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6 hours ago, XJ650 said:

Chiang Rai Province is much better than the provinces south of us!


You're right, I think, except Bangkok.


https://aqicn.org/here   10:00


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Good air quality (30 or so) today in Bangkok so I opened windows for the first time in a while... A few minutes later I smelled smoke... looked out of the window and... some (what would get replaced with <deleted>) was making sure we don't enjoy clean air... So windows closed and air filters on again.



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3 hours ago, TheFishman1 said:

The air in Chiangmai is terrible

... and not only in Chiang Mai. -  AQI 242 in

Phayao, in Phrae AQI 230 and in Lampang

AQI 209 . - If the  wind doesn't weaken, there

will be much better air up north tomorrow.



numbers (18:00) from  



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Nothing to do here, guys...

Until this “government” open their eyes when the Tourism disappears in burning season, Nothing to do with this people.  Again; Nothing to do.




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I built my own washable filter unit for about 1000 baht using a fan, a plastic crate, and a sheet of aquarium filter cloth, sprayed with a strong mix of dishsoap and water to dry out and catch particles. Not a HEPA, but it is quiet, passes the air through many more times, and works great in my big house.



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Getting worse by the day. Will most likely break all records this year. It broke 500 Aqi late March last year. Chiang Mai made most polluted city on the planet several times. Bangkok has been better last few days but that won't last long. Stay inside windows closed, invest in air purifiers  and avoid outdoor activities. Don't plan a running event like they did last week in Hua Hin when smog levels were off the charts. 🙄 

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  • 4 weeks later...

March 29,  2021   End of March - Fires?

Surrounded by friendly fires...

Yom and his wife visited Chiang Rai yesterday until today.

Didn't see any fires, either on Sunday or on Monday.

Though PM2.5 north of Chiang Rai this morning:

230 ug/m3  or  an AQI  280.  Mueang Rai 'only' ... AQI 210.

Must come out of space, from the ISS perhaps?

A look at https://firms2.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov/map/

shows another situation:


Everyone can see it clearly:  the neighbours are killing the Thai people. Stop.

And this concerns Myanmar/Burma and the former and current  leaders

of this poor country too. - British rule in Burma lasted from 1824 to 1948. - Good, eh?

This burning concerns Laos too, one of the world's few remaining communist states

and one of East Asia's poorest.

Last not least Cambodia?  -  I'm tired, already...


I didn't hear any word from the Thai Media or Thai Government about this.

'Heros and Villains', or was it 'Cowards and something' else?

Well, mai pen rai. Bangkok is OK.image.png.3533a5d5182ef998e909c9b6c02b2988.png

Forget the [AQI 151] and the [AQI 200] in this screenshot.

AQI 99 means a PM2.5 burden of 35 ug/m3.

Compared with e.g.  230 ug/m3 in Chiang Rai?  Ridiculous

By the way, last week in Chiang Mai the same situation.

And today you might ask some  people of Isaan, how they're doing?

We know the answer.





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March 30,  2021   -   11:00


More Fires





Fleeing Another Fire




The Air Pollution Up North








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