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used restaurant equipment

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hi can anyone tell me were there used restaurant equipment stores are I am looking for a 10-12" meat slicer and a stainless steel table thanks looking in Pattaya

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There is a place on Naklua/Pattaya Road about 100M past the Lumpiniville condo complex, on the LHS coming up from Dolphin Circus. They have plenty of stock.

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There's a place on Sukhumvit, between North Pattaya and Central Pattaya roads (on the Southbound or "Dark" side of the highway) that has a lot of restaurant stuff. Not sure about meat slicer but if they don't have one, they may know who does.

(The shop is roughly across where the Highway 7 overpass starts.)

I'm sure I've seen other similar shops but I can't recall offhand where. Maybe further down Suk heading towards Jomtien ?

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