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Can't connect Xiaomi purifier to network

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Hi there

I wonder whether somebody could help me with this please.

Device: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

Router: ZTE F660 (provided from TOT for Fiber)

Phone: Samsung Galaxy A71

When the app tries to connect the device to the network, there appears the following message: 

BRING DEVICE CLOSER TO ROUTER (which doesn't help).

And yes, I

-set the location to Mainland China

-made a reset of the device

And I checked that

-the WIFI Pw is correct

-the router is connected to the internet

-the phone is connected to the network

.the WIFI (router) is a 2,4 GHz network

What else could I do?

Changing router to one from Xiaomi?

Thanks for your time!






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I had the same problem.

Unfortunately I can't tell you how to do this right. Make sure you enable Bluetooth on your phone.

I tried a couple of times and then finally one time it worked. No special tricks were required - just patience.


It seems first your device communicates per Bluetooth to your phone. Because it needs the information about the WLAN name and password. Once the device knows these information then it can connect via WLAN.

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