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i took a little photo here to assist. i appreciate comments from actual tradesmen. what we have here is a vacuum petrol valve such as one would find on bottom of scooter tank. what i'm

looking for is a little glue to hold the fine mesh plastic filter in place on the aluminum casting( while submerged in gasohol . )while unboxing, i discovered the flimsy plastic tubes easily disconnect( pop out) and this is not how i want to install these



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It doesn't look like the valve has a reserve on it.  If correct can you skip the siphon tube and install a simple but effective filter just downstream of the valve?  If your tank is older I think it would be a good idea to install the filter regardless.


Other options might be to heat the end of the tube to soften it and make it a bit wider to ensure a snugger fit.


As far as adhesives go you would need something that bonds to plastic well and is resistant to gasoline/petrol plus alcohols.

This could do it - https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/79749O/3m-scotch-weld-structural-plastic-adhesive-dp-8005.pdf

If you knew the type of plastic the tube is made from there might be other adhesive and epoxy options.

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You can buy a tube of gasket sealer in motorcycle accessory shops. 

Buy a new tube as well. 

If you want inline filters,  Honda ones are 35 baht which I use. 



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yes, i think there may be an epoxy that's resistant to petrol. it quite easily detaches( as in a few hard jolts on road might do it. )


engine vacuum works valve ( closed when engine not cranking running) and if diapragm bad, it can starve motor of fuel. 


i've got inline filters. maybe removing it entirely easiest option🤕

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