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16 minutes ago, actonion said:

our Committee  person gave them  a dozen (old) Traffic cones to put into the  main public  highway


16 minutes ago, actonion said:

our  laborer  was told he had to pay 4000b to the old guy ( via the police)!! because the cones were white in color   and   not the uniform  orange and white...

Tell them to go and see your "Committee person" who issued the Traffic cones.  Sounds like 1,000 Baht to the old guy and 3,000 for the police, not that they would do such a thing

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On 3/5/2021 at 10:49 AM, elgenon said:

My gym uses blue ones. I like that color. Can I sue though?

i'm sure u can sue if you have the same P.C.Plod that turned up here

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