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COVID-19 Confirmed with Bangkok's Riot Policeman

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COVID-19 Confirmed with Bangkok's Riot Policeman




BANGKOK, March 4 (TNA) - A police senior sergeant major of the Wang Thonglang police station tested positive for COVID-19 after returning home in Samut Sakhon and handling demonstrators near the prime minister's residence.


Pol Col Ekapop Tanprayun, chief of the Wang Thonglang station, said the infected policeman, Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somyot Nuamcharoen, was ordered to stay in his room and wait for an ambulance that would bring him to hospital to repeat COVID-19 testing.


If the new test confirms his infection, he will be sent to treatment, Pol Col Ekapop said. Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somyot went home and met a friend in Krathum Baen district of Samut Sakhon province on Feb 18. The province is the red zone of maximum COVID-19 control measures.


Full story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news/line-today-english-news-648645



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Time to round up all of his colleagues and all of the protestors and start testing en-mass.  However, why would they as they have just opened the doors to Songkran, water shot at protestors isn't much different from water being shot at others for fun now is it.

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Wang Thong Lang police station closed for disinfection and all police there screened for COVID-19




All police officers at Wang Thong Lang police station in Bangkok were given swab tests today, after one of them was found to be infected with COVID-19.


The tests were conducted at the station by district health officials, with the help of a mobile lab from King Mongkut Institute of Technology’s Lat Krabang campus.


All officers based at the station were ordered to quarantine at home and to wait for test results on Friday.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/wang-thong-lang-police-station-closed-for-disinfection-and-all-police-there-screened-for-covid-19/



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he broke an emergency law and recently travelled to the red zone to meet a friend (presumably girlfriend).

this fact was brushed aside, at least so far.

in his boots I would buy an elephant ticket asap




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If no other infections occur from this policeman it will be the Thai miracle again, just like the Khao San Road DJ.

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