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1 year ED visa at a selfdefence/combat school?

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Hello to all,


I have just learned about the 6 or 12 month Ed Visa that you can get at a combat or self defense school. I've read about the schools in Chiang Mai. Are those VIsas being issued during Covid? I've read that you can't enter the country on those Ed Visas. Are certain types of Ed Visas not allowed to enter? If so, which ones can grant you access to the country? Thank you 

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You would first get a single entry non-ed visa that allows one 90 day permit to stay when entering the country. Then you have to apply for extensions of stay for attending a school the extension can be for one year or 90 days up to a total stay of one year.

At this time embassies and consulate are only issuing non-ed visas for formal schools such as universities.

Some schools can arrange a 90 day non-ed visa that immigration will issue it you enter the country on a tourist visa or a visa exempt entry.

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OP, best to outline your plan, meaning how long that you would hope to stay in Thailand.

Guessing your under 50.

There may be better options than an ED Visa if you don't really wish to do an self defense combat course.

You would be aware of entry requirements apart from any visa or visa exempt entry such as obtaining COE, Quarantine, Insurance, FTF certificate, covid negative test results, etc etc

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