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EU suspends development funds in Myanmar after coup

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EU suspends development funds in Myanmar after coup



A woman cries as she shows the three-finger salute during a prayer ceremony for those who died in Myanmar during anti-coup protests, in front of the U.N. building in Bangkok, Thailand March 4, 2021. REUTERS/ Soe Zeya Tun


BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union has suspended its support for development projects in Myanmar to avoid providing financial assistance to the military who seized power last month, officials said on Thursday.


The 27-nation bloc informed a committee of the World Trade Organization on Thursday that it had put on hold all development cooperation that would support the military authorities, a Geneva-based trade official said.


The European Commission, the EU executive, confirmed it had put on hold the budgetary support, which has typically gone to schools, elections and rural development and is worth hundreds of millions of euros over several years.


(Reporting by Philip Blenkinsop; editing by Robin Emmott)



-- © Copyright Reuters 2021-03-04
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4 hours ago, nobodysfriend said:

I do not understand why the low rank soldiers executing these orders not just shoot in the air , but intentionally killing people ...?

 May have learnt a lesson from World War 2 (reference Live Science):-


"During the 1940s, Nazi troops were liberally supplied with a methamphetamine called Pervitin, while American and British soldiers stayed alert with the help of the amphetamine Benzedrine".


For the Nazis, essential for their "Blitzkrieg" tactics.

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13 hours ago, webfact said:

EU suspends development funds in Myanmar after coup

The beauty about sanctions are that they destroy the commoners.  The elites running the country are not effected in the least.
Why's it done?  To foment civil war and lead to a blood-bath.

Now, as long as the civil war and blood-bath is in some sh*tty little third world country that the West wants to throw against the wall just to show the world that they mean business, then as Madeline Albright would attest to - all the death and carnage is "worth it." 
Imagine the citizens in Western nations getting sick and tired of the Neo-totalatarian repression and revolting.  It would make Myanmar look like a walk in the park - but Western 'leaders' would attest that killing their own citizens was "worth it." Well, after labeling their citizens as traitors, terrorists, and seditionists.

Now the problem with fomenting civil war in Myanmar?  Anybody old enough to remember Vietnam as well as French controlled Indo-Asia.  Any history students out there?

Hummm.  "I love the smell of napalm in the morning!" 

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Put an international arrest warrant out for any army personnel, freeze all their assets, cut off all their ways to access their funds.

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