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Many private hospitals ready to offer quick Covid-19 jabs - expect to pay 2,000 baht a dose

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I have no problem paying for this, let them make some profit it gets you in front of the line. I dont think 4000 bt is too much for this.

You never need to wait long to see the greed popping up in this country. Big money to make easily.

The way I look at it, you can wait until who knows when to get the (probably) Chinese vaccine via the TH government program....   Or, you can get the vaccine of your preference in the pretty

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7 minutes ago, Kelsall said:

Unless a shot guarantees entrance into Thailand without quarantine, it's not worth it.


So far one still has to go through quarantine regardless of vaccination status.

True, that would be my reason to do it, however something like that might be in the pipeline. Once you got your shot your safe too. Also not something to forget. Though the risk in Thailand is low. But mainly for traveling. 

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There's not been a hint of the virus getting anywhere near where we live thus far and I cannot foresee any reason why that should change. However Anutin reckons that no one is safe until everyone is safe, so I'll happily await his kind offer of a free vaccination.


And if Sinovac is good enough for him, it's good enough for me.


Ah, except I'm 75. 😞 Sorry I'll take that back!

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

10 million doses - for people to pay rather than wait for the government to get its act together

Here ladies and gents is exactly what the government wanted and I have no doubt planned for, the private sector to make up their shortfall in vaccine supplies.


That said, I'm more than happy to oblige and as another poster suggested would opt for the JJ as its only one shot.

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1 minute ago, swm59nj said:

There was a story in Bangkok Post I read today. Saying no private hospitals have yet to apply for approval to distribute a vaccine. So if no hospitals have applied for approval, how can they distribute it?


The privates want to. They've no doubt been making plans and inquiries in those directions...


If and when the government will actually give them permission to do so, and for what particular vaccines, remains unknown for now.


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