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Throwing caution to the wind and b u g g e r the diet – How about you .

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Something seldom discussed is the lottery that is genetics. Some people are lucky with the genes they inherited, whilst others are unlucky and are more susceptible to life threatening diseases. Not to

Whilst you have lost two friends that monitored their diet and exercised, you are lucky you haven't lost 5 friends that did not.   Your OP is based on statistics personal to you, but that do

Diet is a factor but it is also exercise.

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My additional 2 cents is that you have to enjoy life and eat what you want - but what you want can be based on your current habits. If you are sitting in front of a computer or TV most of the day you are more likely to want comfort food all the time. If you do lots of exercise in a way that is hopefully fun it will more likely to be fun to eat healthy and some fried chicken sweets and beer won't be an issue.

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27 minutes ago, rumak said:
6 hours ago, Bill Poster said:

I know the word moderation may spring up when talking about diets , but moderation in my mind may still feel restrictive. 


well,  as i was reading ,  the word moderation DID pop into my mind.   And then you added the sentence above.   

I have for most of my life eaten a fairly healthy diet ( according to me ! ).     Also have eaten my smallish share of junk food  and  alcohol  and  sweets ,  etc.    But,  in moderation.

I don't follow any strict diets or "ways to live life" ,  for that matter.   To me,  life is a game.  An experiment.  I have done many things,  lived many places,  made many mistakes.

I will admit that i now eat less "unhealthy" foods,   as my body in it older state will let me know

that it does not appreciate TOO MUCH  junk.   For me feeling good over rides the desire to drink

20 ounces of coke with a big mac and fries.   Toning it down a bit,  buying a good piece of meat,

and cooking at home  with a small cocktail seem to work better and make me happier.


we all are different.    do what you feel is best for you 

Yes, that 'moderation and restrictive' caught my attention too.........It's probably more of a state of mind TBH....One positive, is that, if you eat healthily most of the time, you can look forward to 'decadent treats' and if one is of the older generation as the OP implies, one might savour having things to look forward too....More 'state of mind' again..!

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2 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

In a world going obese, it would be kind if people moderated their eating and remembered the poor nurses that have to care for enormous obese people when it all goes wrong for them. Back in the 1980s hoists were not needed on wards because people were on the whole not obese, despite dieting not being fashionable ( people ate better food as processed food wasn't as pervasive back then, and people did a lot more physical activity ). Now, hoists would probably be necessary on every hospital ward.


Also, IMO obese people should have to purchase two seats on aeroplanes, as it's unfair to the non obese person sitting next to them getting crushed on a long haul flight.

No one will ever encroach on my seat on a plane or bus, I can guarantee that, it has never happened to me on a plane so far, but I have sorted out a few obese people encroaching on my seat on a bus over the years in both the UK and Thailand.

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8 hours ago, Airalee said:

I’m diligently back on my Keto diet for health reasons.  Sure...I would love to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like.  But...if I did, I would have issues to deal with up until my death that I would rather not deal with.  Primarily psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  


If I eat carbs for an extended period, the inflammation sets in, my joints ache badly, the skin on my fingers and palms split open looking like they’ve been sliced open with a knife.  The diet helps immensely...so...I gotta stick with it until I have a heart attack and die at a young(er) age if that is what my outcome is meant to be.


If you don’t need to be on any special diet for health reasons, then I say...have at it...enjoy.  It’s not for me to judge.



I do understand your concerns relating to you eating carbs for an extended time ,  


Personally I have never ever required an over night hospital stay or suffered from any ongoing debilitating medical issues . My health for some one in their 70’s is generally good and although I do try and watch my weight and keep as active as possible , I can honestly say that Ive never really made that much of an effort to control my diet . I am five feet 8 inches tall and currently weigh 76 Kg .  On a recent blood test ( I was feeling nauseous ) the results showed normal in all areas except one 
that was my cholesterol numbers were a little high  . 


My family history shows that may parents and other relatives all lived to a ripe old age and many of them seemed to be blessed with good health. Could family genetics play a part in the scheme of things.



Thanks 👍


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This is actually a fascinating topic and has many many facets... 


Would the dead guys have enjoyed the fried chicken or would it have worried them to an early grave?


Would they have died 20 years ago and their diet bought them extra time?


Would you are anyone feel better w/a different diet - or not? The indulgence might be worth it?


So many of these are personal choices... does extra weight make other activities less fun or are you ok with it?


For me, I am heading back to Keto next week as they have found ways to make it much more palatable... more sweets and nearly edible carb substitutes available - at least in CM... 


ps - chicken and strawberries are healthy foods... Chicken not fried w/breading is ok and where I have lunch at the Keto shop you can get a strawberry smoothie that is wonderful. 

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11 hours ago, Leaver said:

Whilst you have lost two friends that monitored their diet and exercised, you are lucky you haven't lost 5 friends that did not.


Your OP is based on statistics personal to you, but that does not mean they are indicative of the wider population.  


I some times pop over to a small local bar run by a jovial retired English expat . Its normally the same motley crowd of retired over 65 year old expats sitting there . The thing that plainly stands out when in conversations with them is their apparent non interest in their diet . In the past I have broached the subject of loosing weight and trying to stay healthy . Looking around the table at the assembled beer bellies , expanded waistlines and red faces , to me its obvious that they have decided to throw caution to the wind then order another beer and delicious fat drenched beef burger.


Thanks 👍

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2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

I'm 65, eat whatever I like whenever I like, get drunk and take drugs every day. 

Bacon sandwich for breakfast, just about to start on the cocktails (Tom Collins), will have roast pork and chips for lunch (if I'm still sober enough to cook), or maybe pizza.

Do walk 8+Km every day which seems to keep my weight down to 76Kg (6' tall) ....... already walked 4km.


Not bothered about death, happy to go tomorrow.


No really ,  you are  NOT afraid of the Grim Reaper knocking at your door . I really wish I had your outlook about death . Are you really telling me that I can add you to the top of my.    ‘’ people who have thrown caution to the wind ‘’    list . :shock1:.


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8 hours ago, shy coconut said:

OP, have you had any general  check ups on your heart or general health?


I am in my mid 50's and had a couple of feelings that there was something up 

with my body. Most of my life I have worked manual jobs and that has kept me 

relatively healthy, but for most of the past year have been on furlough in the UK

and have been gaining weight. My parents both have/ had heart issues.


I went to see my GP, not something I have done regularly, and have been prescribed

statins and referred to a cardiologist who will be doing an angiogram next week.


It is a bit of a shock to me as it reminds me that I won't enjoy great health for ever and 

like an old car, I will need more tinkering to keep myself roadworthy.


The upside is that I have addressed the issue (hopefully) early enough to avoid a 

potentially catastrophic incident in the next few years and with an ammended diet 

and lifestyle, with medication, I may have a few more good years in me.


I think a good balance is the best way to go, although a little "junk food" every now and then 

shouldn't be a problem.


It is true that living a pure life isn't a guarantee for perfect health, my neighbour doesn't 

drink, has never smoked and eats fresh healthy food every day, yet recently developed 

cancer and is now on a chemotherapy course.


So to summarize, after a length, often boring post , is do what makes you happy, but if you

can go have a check up then do so, and if the quacks prescribe you a change of lifestyle or

medication, then please take their advice rather than a few random people on a forum 👍👍





Thanks for your thoughts 


Its funny you mentioning about having any general health check ups .


In another thread in the  Health and Medicine section I have posted about my feeling constantly nauseous and my ongoing quest to find out why . When I saw the hospital doctor he sent me for these tests .......


A. Physical examination of my stomach area. ( No issues found )
B. Blood test - 4 vials of blood were taken. ( Blood test results showed high cholesterol , every thing else was within the normal range) .
C. A stool sample .( stool sample results were negative ) .
D. An ECG test - electrocardiogram . ( results were normal / heart / lungs / etc ) .


The comment about your neighbour and their healthy life style but still developed cancer is a reminder that following what some consider a healthy diet and life style may not pay off in the end. 🙄



Thanks 👍




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18 minutes ago, Surelynot said:

I think if you have been quite fit and healthy all your life and have now reach  70....yes...what the hell......not sure you can do that much damage now......I intend to start smoking, do drugs and drink more once I hit 70......going for it.


❤️ the  ➡︎.  not sure you can do that much damage now  ⬅︎   Part 😀

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