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Man arrested in Bangkok with 18 pipe bombs and 3 homemade guns

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Man arrested in Bangkok with 18 pipe bombs and 3 homemade guns



Images: Thairath


Police on Friday morning arrested a man who was found to be in possession of 18 pipe bombs and 3 homemade guns.


The 43 year old man, who Thairath said was from Phitsanulok, was arrested near Pathumwan intersection close to the MBK Center following reports he was acting suspiciously.


A search of his bag revealed the explosives, which police said were primed and ready for use. Bomb disposal experts were called to make the devices safe. 




The man was also found to be carrying 3 homemade guns and what police believe to be a quantity of gunpowder.


The man remains in custody while police investigate why he was in possession of the explosives and guns. Police said they did not believe the man’s reasons for carrying the weapons were politically motivated. 


Source: Daily News



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4 minutes ago, worgeordie said:

""Thousands of Thai police on standby to deal with protests on Saturday", just a coincidence then.

regards Worgeordie


As you say, could the story be for the ensuing protestors to take note, "look what we found", it might not be safe, a stay home message as the COVID social distancing message isn't working because there were no actual cases found to have spread from previous protests.


What next, a lone sniper who couldn't be found shooting into the protestors ?

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More states in America are saying enough of the wuhan plandemic scare and end of mask mandates. Back to 100% normal operations. But if you wish to wear a mask then its your decision no problem. So far Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Connecticut I believe its about 20 states now. UK, Australia, Ireland, Thailand under restrictions.

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