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Change of address, name on contract (visa extension)

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We will be moving soon, but staying within the same province (Phuket).


The new potential landlord seems to be a bit hesitant to do anything regarding immigration, and prefer to make the contract in my wifes name. I think its been several years since they had a foreigner renting their house, and are unaware of the rules.

Is it possible for me to do all the reporting to immigration regarding this myself, or do the new landlord need to go to immigration?

I seem to recall from another thread, that if its my name on the rental contract, I would actually be the only one, who could do it?


If however they dont want my name on the contract (dont know why not), will that give me trouble extending my visa (non-o based on marriage)?



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The rental agreement can be in your wife's name and she can do a TM30 report as the tennent. Be sure you get a signed copies of the owners house book and ID card.

There should be no problem with immigration since it is will be in your wife's name when applying for your extension of stay (visas are not extended) based upon marriage.

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Perfect thanks. In our current house, immigration wanted the owner to fill out some papers, even though both me and my wifes name was on the contract.

But this sounds easy, thank you.

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Check with Immigration first.

Back in Nonthaburi, The office say no to my wife report me, Even so contract was in her name.
Only the owner was able to do it, This is some years ago, But I check it, If it was me to be sure before moving.


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