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Pattaya police raid popular popular entertainment venues

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Pattaya police raid popular popular entertainment venues 



Picture: Pattaya Message


Police in Pattaya on Saturday raided scores of bars and nightclubs in the city to ensure venues were not opening later than midnight.


Police said venues were adhering to the rule regarding midnight closing.


However, police said that during a raid on a club Phetchakut Road four bags containing white powder were found discarded on the toilet floor. Police have sent the bags for testing to determine the contents. 


Police also visited venues on Second Road and Walking Street just after midnight and found that bars had either already closed or staff in the process of closing the bar. None were found to still be serving customers.


The order for bars and clubs in the city at midnight came into effect after Chonburi was officially recognised as a ‘yellow zone’ by Thailand's Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA). While entertainment venues are permitted to open, they must be closed by midnight.


Source: Pattaya Message



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7 minutes ago, hotchilli said:

They have a look around as thy collect the rent.

every fellow loves to peek at the "Pretties".....just cos theres a little snow on the roof theres still a fire burning below! 🙂

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1 hour ago, Petey11 said:

Must have announced they were coming around to check 😁😁

When I used to work in bars we would get a heads up, as we had a college crowd......Im sure we had some cops on payroll, as was the usual...cash works all over the world


Funfact the owner married into Budweiser heir and blew it all on Coke and went up his nose..we literally had to go out and buy beer and booze to open the same night--bad debt

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8 minutes ago, oznomad said:

Not sure that I would classify checking that bars are closed on time as a 'raid'.

I guess whenever they can't do what they want and the police disturbs them it is a 'raid' for them. 

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