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Thailand reports 71 new COVID-19 infections

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Thailand reports 71 new COVID-19 infections


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REUTERS FILE PHOTO for reference only


Thailand reported 71 new coronavirus cases on Monday.


As has been consistent with cases during the new wave of infections in the country, most were discovered during testing of migrant workers at quarantine facilities and hospitals in Samut Sakhon.


Of the new cases, 48 were local transmissions, while 23 were imported from people entering quarantine.


33 people were discharged from hospital having made a full recovery.


579 people remain in hospital or held in a migrant worker quarantine centre.


Monday’s cases bring the total number of COVID-19 infections in Thailand to 26,441, with 85 deaths. 




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Continuing extraordinary numbers still being found in quarantine to add to the justification and why I wont be doing it 🤔

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I finished quarantine last week I cannot believe 23 positives?  That number is outrageous.  My guess is most tested positive on day 5 of quarantine? The second test is given on day 12 and I have not heard of anyone testing positive at that point because this could mean one was infected while in quarantine?  Numbers like today indicate to me quarantine will not be eliminated anytime soon.

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31 in SS. 71 overall. Seems 31 is more than 50% of 71 which indeed would make "most" as they cut and paste the opening paragraph everyday. What ever happened with the two beauty queens in quarantine? Never showed in imported cases.

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