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Zin's Dream: Support a Student from Myanmar for her Higher Education in Thailand

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Zin is 21, and she's a young talent from Myanmar: she needs your support to pursue her higher education in Thailand, her dream. 

In August 2020, Zin was admitted in the UDDI Bachelor Course of Thammasat University thanks to a Scholarships for foreigner students. The Scholarship allowed Zin to be enrolled in our Program free-of-charge, and she followed the first semester online due to the pandemic. We are in the middle of the second semester now.

With the recent tragic political escalation in Myanmar, Zin's participation to the Program, her dream to pursue a degree in Thailand and her will to honor the Scholarship are at stake. 
With the violent repression in the street of her city, Yangon, the cuts to internet and a general hazard to the physical security, she cannot...Read More

You can donate and support this initiative here:


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