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Warning to expats: Surgery of any kind in Thailand can come with a hefty price tag

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At 71 I'm virtually uninsurable now but in saying that I have been self insured (when it comes to health) all my life. Had a domestic accident 2 months ago, splintered a section of my knee cap an

That is why expats should have some insurance or enough money to self insure. 

I've been here for 15 years and always self insured. Just over a year ago I suffered an Abdominal Aortic rupture from which, most people die. Quick response by all concerned at two different

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Just had a Ultrasound, MRI and biopsy, along with medication to treat an infection from the biopsy......all in must have cost around 200k.

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27 minutes ago, KamnanT said:

Which works if your home country's socialised health care system is available to non-residents.  Increasingly, governments are restricting access by citizens who reside overseas (UK, Australia and Canada are all examples). I suspect it will only get more restrictive as populations age and resources get stretched.

Netherlands too.. i mean if you cant prove you lived there and pay Dutch health insurance you can't get it for "free" . 

Plus just think about the diseases / operations you can't that are needed right away.

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3 minutes ago, fvw53 said:

About 10 years ago I got a crack in my meniscus .....and I got here a quote of 300.000 Baht ...so I returned to my home countriy (EU member state) where the meniscus was taken away in 15' for free ...Here they estimated three to four days of stay in the hospital but in my home country I checked in during morning hours and left back home two hours after the surgery 

I had a similar experience about 3yrs ago and like you, went back to my home country (UK) and got it done in half a day, more than £1000 cheaper.

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1 minute ago, KarenBravo said:

Even as a UK citizen, you will have to live in the UK for 6 months before you can access the benefits of the NHS at a reasonable price.

If your illness can't wait for 6 months, you're stuffed.

That's why you plan as far ahead as possible, knowing things happen in old age and our bodies fall apart and wear out.


This link says if you return you get free health care - though I appreciate you could be at the end of the list you're joining. Emergency care is always free anyhow.


I go back to the UK every nine months now to visit my tenant and pick up my 9 months of tablets - which are more costly than the flight. The UK freely supplies 'certain' tablets to all nationals for certain illnesses without a need for 6 months wait - I know this as I deal with a top Oxford pharmacist for my own tablets


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