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Has the OP used Varifocal lenses before? If so, you will know that you  need to learn how to use them - you focus your eyes and move your head in a different way to using normal glasses or none at all

Let's get real. No one can answer the O/Ps question unless they have all 3 grades that he spoke of and was able to make direct comparisons.   So we can only speak from the experience that we

Zennioptical varifocals mail order for $50 (inc). Never had any problems with them, sure the coatings peel after 18m-2year, but they're so cheap you can just buy more (10-14 days delivery).

Well, I got a new prescription at Rutnin, which was a pretty impressive operation,  Baht 690.


Ordered a new of glasses online with SG progressive lenses from Zenni,  US$65.85 all-in.


I do hate buying them without trying on the frames, but we'll see how it goes. 


Thanks to everyone for their input....

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