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Online / video Thai tutoring for 7yo son

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My husband and I have a 7yo son who spent a year in Thailand (and Thai school) during COVID but has now returned overseas. We don't want his newfound Thai skills, especially his reading and writing, to go to waste.  None of his school teachers from the village in Thailand have time to teach him, since their school places so many demands on their time, including on weekends.  I have contacted some of the adult learning schools listed here but they aren't set up to teach children.


Does anyone know of a Thai tutor that's happy to work with a child for a few hours a week?  His dad can supervise homework on the other days.  



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You don't say how much you are prepared to pay. Lots of tutors online.


This lady Mod, speaks excellent English and does online lessons. http://learnthaiwithmod.com


One thing you will need to bear in mind if booking lessons with someone based in Thailand is the time difference to your  country. 


You could also try looking in your local papers. If in the UK, try Gumtree.


Or  https://www.thai-style.co.uk/

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