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Village why loud music everyday 06:00 am

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Read the title and just laughed.......move out of our Thai village in Isan because of the constant, deafening noise, five day weddings, five day funerals, temple loudspeaker, Village boss loudspeaker,

you come Thailand ... embrace culture!!  now complain???   i like night music same bass......five hours, very loud.... boom, boom, boom....   they are drinking and having fun, why

I'm surprised that anyone knows the 'sound of concentration camps'

3 minutes ago, fishtank said:

Wannabe DJ loves making a noise. The louder and more distorted the better.

How they find things to waffle about every day in a small village is beyond me.

Try asking the locals what he is waffling about. Most of them won't have a clue as they don't listen.

Unless there is something free on offer of course.

They have it in areas of Chiang Mai also, surprised me for such an urban environment.........It is a bit 'hi de hi' a  British holiday camp sitcom back in the day!!

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9 minutes ago, 1FinickyOne said:

sort of like asking - who put the ram in the ram a lam a ding dong

Christ knows, but a very apt analogy.....................

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4 minutes ago, bojo said:

Christ knows, but a very apt analogy.....................

apt analogies are a Western thing.. loud noise is a Thai thing... 


I am Western but can adjust.. acceptance. 


"silence like a cancer grow" - Paul Simon

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NOT every village. Our <deleted> yai forbids loudspeakers after 9pm or before 5am, weddings and funerals included. I don't like her much but if I could vote for her I would.

The neighbouring Moo ban gives out lottery ticket winning numbers, reads out the latest communications from the Ampoe, occasionally warns about cattle rustling, Covid, dengue etc or the like.

The only (threat to life) solution is to wait until the guys have in fact gone to bed and then start up your own DJ broadcast. Not a thing I'd do myself.

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8 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

The Phu Yai has to make sure everyone is up for work in the fields, to go to the Wat, or get the kids up and ready for school.  He then makes announcements.  Buy yourself some earplugs, sound proof your bedroom, or just roll with it and go out, grab a cup of coffee, and start your day.  Most times the village is blacked out and all asleep by 8 or 9 pm, except for the village idiots, the skulking thieves, and the kids who go out on their motorbikes and go drinking and terrorizing the neighborhood.  Did I leave anything out?  Oh yeah the occasional party and the Mor Lam music and Karaoke singing. 

Late nighters? Don't forget the arsonists in the forests and hills.

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I used to live in the center of Zurich, having a very expensive city center penthouse pad.

Some idiot below me started playing music very loud late at night / early in the morning.
After a few times warning him, a couple of times grabbing him by the throat & then a few times throwing him against walls. I realised he was just too stoned to do anything with.

During the day he was fine - post 11 p.m. 3/4 days a week on another planet due to drugs.


In the end I just called the police and let them in to deal with him, a month later he was out 

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Lived here 5 years (6 months in the main village while house was being built). It’s a daily thing again ...  Our dogs howl to the music generally one song.. then talk about open market 

and occasionally families that donated whatever.. 


didnt hear it fir a long time.. now the put up new speakers..


the music part is ok.. it’s the talking that runs longer.. 


anyway just curious..

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17 hours ago, KhunBENQ said:

Damn you were faster 😆


For years there was the head of village health volunteers who started his morning fanfare (same "Thai rap" day after day) as early as 5:10h. Followed by important information like what day/date/time it is, time to get up, do morning hygiene, healthy breakfast and clean teeth.

Even my wife found him ridiculous.

The village headmen of the three villages around have varying routines/schedules and sound levels depending on distance. Sometimes two at a time.

Additional there is twice weekly a market with barking from the speakers.

The enormous noise by some family events (marriage, death, monk novice) is incalculable.

Sometimes silent for weeks and then every other day.

Should I mention the deafening noise by loudspeaker trucks driving around for the last two weeks or so promoting candidates for the mayor election 😆


Thankfully the elections are over, it was overkill with up to 7 different loudspeaker vans touring the area. When they handed out the cash on Saturday night, it was done so,so quietly by comparison. As a rule, our village loudspeakers are at 12pm and 4pm daily, only occasionally do we get an 0600hrs broadcast. But it is seriously loud when it happens. Funerals around here are 7 days long. Some days, there is almost complete silence, with locals staying housebound, very peculiar the differences.



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