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Phuket expats will be vaccinated, officials confirm

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As an ageing UK educated expat here and restricted from travelling to Dubai (where I have residency visa and access to vacvine) or even UK, I have to say it is good news for me. I will do my utmost to

With such a small amount of deaths to Covid in Thailand why would you risk it?  I know of 1 person for sure that has died from a blood clot after having the astra zeneca jab. But it's not being r

do explain    what is sorry but ......... my guess is you are from Europe and a big Macron fan    Macron came off with some massively stupid nonsense and so did the EU commission -

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29 minutes ago, johnarth said:

man I am feeling sheepish about this, what is going to happen in a few months time?

your guess is probably as good as anybody else, some will be very upbeat and optimistic others will be at the other extreme, only thing I see for certain is confusion and uncertainty.

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