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The ‘last mile’ of malaria elimination in Cambodia

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Health centre malaria workers play a pivotal role in eliminating the disease in malaria hotspots

The sand coloured health centers dotted across Cambodia’s provinces are fairly recognizable, even to an untrained eye. Most sport a canopy of red tile roofs with verandas that serve as waiting areas for incoming patients. Ly Kanha grew up familiar with the ins and outs of Cambodia’s health centres. She spent most of her childhood in the care of her grandparents who were both working as health professionals at the time. 


“When I was young, my grandfather took me to the health centre, and I saw medical staff wearing medical uniforms,” says Kanha as she recounts memories of observing the staff administering medication to patients.

Health worker poses outside a Health Center in Cambodia


read more https://www.who.int/news-room/feature-stories/detail/the-last-mile-of-malaria-elimination-in-cambodia

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