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Where could I stay/Short accommodation in center of Bangkok with big dog (hotel...)

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I'm planning a trip to Bangkok next week. And I have to take my dog with me (3,5 years old German shepherd). Where could I stay? Preferably if somebody has a personal experience.


I will be staying probably 1 night. Something in the range of 1000Baht/night. It has to be in the center.


Do you know about something?




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You are going to struggle to find a hotel that will accept a German Shepherd. If they do, expect to pay a high price and expect to give a very high deposit. The hotel has to factor in a complete deep clean of the room, plus any potential damage due to chewing, clawing, etc. In addition, they will be considering things like what happens if you leave the dog there unattended and it barks non stop because it is stressed? How will they deal with noise complaints from other guests?


Perhaps a better solution would be to book your dog into a pet hotel for the day. There are a few in Bangkok. Here is an example that is close to the area you want to stay in:



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I had a pick-up with a canopy on the back. I would stay at Novotel Siam Square and leave the dog (white Akita) in the back of the pickup. Just checked on her a few time. 


She was a beautiful dog, and a gash-magnet walking her around Siam Square...

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