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4 hours ago, sometimewoodworker said:

you had someone who stopped your problem, yes.
It’s not clear that it was the best fix possible,

it is clear that either he could not communicate well or doesn’t understand AC technology.


Sadly that's often the case where service engineers receive little or no formal training.


Then there's the standard BS book used to baffle the customer and extract as much cash from their pocket with minimum effort.


Some great comments in this topic. I particularly like "the unit must slope slightly to one side" to allow drainage. 


Thai's can be quite imaginative when it comes to a lazy fix.



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20 hours ago, BTB1977 said:

If you can get to the drain pipe outside try blowing hard into the pipe . Might be glogged.  

or stick a long piece of steel wire through that hole to unblock it

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Man came yesterday, did some work on it and would not accept payment as he cleaned it about three months ago, but now the water is coming out just as bad as ever.

One poster said that I should just replace it, but it is only 7 years old and is perfect in every other way, and I am the only one who uses it.

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Had the same thing.  Mold had formed and was blocking the drainage of water so it was pooling and the fan would blow small spits of water.  The Air Conditioner cleaned the AC and said that is was best when AC was first turned on to turn it on high fan and then lower it after it reached the set temperature.  So far so good. 

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On 4/4/2021 at 5:20 PM, samtab said:

water exhaust pipe is clogged and hasn't been correctly cleaned by the idiot.

Use a blowing machine as vacuum to unclog.

Do it regularly and you will never have problems.

Whatever other people will tell you is also wrong.



This is the solution. I used to do it to my AC's in Bangkok. Suck all the gunge out. 

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If you're drains are clogging they are not draining correctly, should be reconfigured. 


My units go years without calling anyone out to clean them and they never plug up. 

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Water has stopped completely today, that's 4 days after it was fixed, find that very strange, but not complaining.

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