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Best way to easily upgrade to a different camera in Bangkok

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A few months ago I've bought new a Nikon Z50 and a few lenses. I'm feeling a bit too limited by the options the APS-C offers me and I'd like to switch over to a Sony a7 III.


Are there shops in Bangkok that could help make that transition painless for me? Either buy my Z50 and lenses cash and I'd use that money towards buying the Sony new, or offering a direct "trade in" program where I give them one, get the other and pay the difference.


I'm not trying to squeeze out every baht from the transaction, just want something reasonable and most importantly easy and safe.

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You also might want to wander around Fortune Town a bit. There are quite a few camera and photography shops there.


Not sure if any of them do trade ins etc., but it might be worth a try as its very convenient to the MRT.

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With respect but you'll have to realise they get profit on a new camera between 25 and 33%.

So what do you think they will give you back for an second hands camera to you.

And yes I know it is nearly new, but for them.....

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If I were looking to "improve" I would invest on Photoshop (give a dog a bad name) and online courses.


The camera itself is not overly important.......I would rank importance in this order....


"Having an eye"


Photoshop skills


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2 minutes ago, HarrySeaman said:

Rather than buy a new camera you might want to consider subscribing to Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Classic.

Where did you get this idea from???

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I think you may find better deals at Mega Plaza in Yaowarat, 5th floor, only photo equipment.

It is more for local clients than falangs.

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I bought the Sony a7 iii just over a year ago, with a 100-400 mm zoom.  I am very much an novice with it, and can verify good equipment makes up for my lack of skill.  I use it for shooting birds more than 90% of the time and mostly I use the crop sensor mode.  I found too many times the birds were too far away and went to shop I purchased it, too see what options there were.  One was to change to a 200-600 mm lens and the shop would take my existing lens as a trade in.  I ended up getting a 2x teleconverter instead, and sorry I cannot recall how much they offered me for my 100-400 lens, but it would have been at least a 30% discount from my purchase price.  The shop is "Big Camera" at Central Mall Bangna.  The shop said they preferred to have the original packing etc too.

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Camera Plus in Fortune Town mall, I think it's the 3rd floor, would be worth trying. If you don't mind buying used they currently have a couple of Sony A7 III's and a reasonable selection of Sony lenses. They do trade-in's and what you lose on the selling price you'll gain on the buying end as I find their used prices to be very competitIve among the Bangkok outlets. 


My recommendations would be :

1) Camera Plus - Fortune Town ( Phra Ram 9 MRT )

2) AV Camera - ( Saphan Taksin BTS )

3) Mega Plaza 5th Floor - ( Sam Yot MRT )

4) MBK - shop on the Ground floor has used equipment so would likely do trade in. Upper floor Fotofile.


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