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Marijuana goes up in smoke

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Police in Mondulkiri province on Sunday cracked down on and destroyed more than one hectare of a marijuana plantation in Sen Monorom City and seized nearly 400 kilogrammes of marijuana plants.


Major Nuon Ratanak, deputy chief of Sen Monorom City police, said that at 10.30am on Sunday, district police forces in collaboration with the Mondulkiri province Anti-drugs Department raided a marijuana plantation located in the valley of a mountain in Sen Monorom commune’s Pousam village.


He said the plantation owner fled before the police arrived. “We now are searching for him in order to bring him to justice.” He added that during the raid, police seized and destroyed about 50,000 marijuana plants as tall as trees weighing nearly 400 kilogrammes, as well as other drug-related materials from the site.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50834454/marijuana-goes-up-in-smoke/

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........,police seized and destroyed about 50,000 marijuana plants as tall as trees......


Wow! No wonder people get 'high' on the stuff.

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14 hours ago, AgMech Cowboy said:

I was hoping to see a MJ plant as high as a tree. I'm wondering how tall that's suppose to be.

anyone who understands a little bit about theseplants knows that the top needs to be cut so it grows in width and not in height. that makes the buds bigger...

I doubt the quality if these plants are 'as big as trees'... just stem and leaves and small buds!

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On 4/6/2021 at 9:01 AM, irishman25 said:

within the hour we all were dancing and singing around the smoke that made them high as a kit what a party you missed it

Same happened  during Vietnam War, they Napalmed a valley below troops station on a ridge. The resulting smoke had the whole ridge mellowed . After that they called the area "Happy Valley"   555

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