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Cambodia may introduce mandatory COVID-19 vaccination

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Cambodia current principle of voluntary vaccination may come to an end, says Prime Minister Hun Sen. He said that to develop immunity, vaccination can become mandatory and no longer on a voluntary basis.


Mr Hun Sen said that those who do not get vaccinated may find it difficult to find work and may also become discriminated against.


“Soon in the world, vaccines can become  mandatory, this is my expectation. I think those who have not been vaccinated are the unfortunate ones who may not be able to get a job or be welcomed by those who have been vaccinated, which creates discrimination.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50835003/cambodia-may-introduce-mandatory-covid-19-vaccination/

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I'd like to see how this works. Anyone not vaccinated may be discriminated against. Any other mandatory vaccination required? Polio? MMR? Tetanus? Diphtheria? Childhood vaccinations, perhaps, but mandatory covid vaccinations for adults? Interesting tbought....practicalities, acceptable evidence of vaccination.


As for his expectation 'Soon in the world, vaccines can become  mandatory,' .. Dream on old son. Ain't gonna happen anywhere, I suspect, except perhaps North Korea, but, perhaps that we'll never know. Where Cambodia leads, others follow. 😁

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1 hour ago, Surelynot said:

Pro-vaccine....but this is wrong.

Agree...... I CHOSE to have mine - how it MUST be.  Agree with @Scott Tracytoo.

"Consenting adults" should apply to more than just sexual practices.

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