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Count yourself lucky. This time of year the temperature would normally be 40 plus, but the recent rain that most regions have had has cooled things down considerably.  

Swap out the alcohol for water and your problems will likely be solved.

Stupid question I know, but unless you are working here, why did you pick Thailand if you don't want hot weather?   Covid shouldn't be an excuse anymore for keeping you here and even if you

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On 4/7/2021 at 3:48 PM, Toohotinbangkok said:

Funny thing is I was in the village where it was 37°c average and was sleeping better in the fan room than I do in bangkok with A/C on full blast, Plus I felt a feeling on contentness in isaan  , Where as bangkok I feel like I'm constantly stressed out .

I never slept with the AC on as it made me feel bad. Only fan where possible.


I was more bothered by the humid heat in London than by the heat in Thailand.


If someone can't find a good life in Thailand I doubt they will anywhere. If one place isn't good, there are plenty of other places to try that are completely different.

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15 hours ago, Toohotinbangkok said:

You create them by acting how u act... thinking your one up because your status in the country..... 

You project a lot & blame outward sources. It's Thailand's fault that you're bored and turned to drinking too much as you wrote yourself, making many here believe you are trolling.


You truly don't sound like someone who's been in Thailand for 12 years. If you had mentioned it I wouldn't have asked that question, which you decided to take offense with. Being honest with yourself is hard sometimes.


What you get back now in responses is only the echo of your own behavior. We make our own lives, not others.

Hope you can improve your life. Wish you all the best.

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