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Thailand braced for infections spike after detecting UK COVID-19 variant

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How can Songkran be allowed, its like export the problem from Bangkok  and spread it evenly in the provinces. CANCEL THIS POTENTIAL DISASTER NOW, it isnt to late.

Good job the vaccinations here are a major success 🤥

Yes.  but the one universal constant is less than 2% fatality and this has to be put into perspective. Of something we have never experienced before. So in the first year we have to expect more death.

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8 minutes ago, robblok said:

It works harder then the generic asian version. A result of those hardworking Brits optimizing the virus. 🤣 So maybe it needs 1.7 workpermit. 


If it works harder - i.e.  2 people doing the work of 4. Surely you'd need less work permits ???

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  • Jonathan Fairfield changed the title to Thailand braced for infections spike after detecting UK COVID-19 variant
11 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

What is of great relevance to me and anyone else who lives in Thailand is what is happening in Thailand.... 


We are of course interested in whats happening elsewhere in the world, particularly where we come from, where members of our family and friends may still be. But, of most importance is of the situation where we have made our home. 


Don’t mistake pragmatism for pessimism - its a very strong point made by Ryan. 




Not really if you make your livelihood in tourism.

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