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CoE - Insurance Certificate is needed when???

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I want to fly to Bangkok on 22nd of April and am about to apply for a CoE in Berlin, Germany and I am a bit confused about the wording when opening


(see screenshot).


According to my understanding, I only should/need to upload a pic of my Passport. Then wait for 3 days until I get news that they have processed the CoE application.


From that moment I have 15 days to upload my English language proof of insurance and proof of reservation for my ASP from Agoda and my flight reservations.


Then I will get my CoE approval and can fly.


Is that correct? I am concerned, because my insurance company said they will send me the letter one week ago, but it hasn't arrived. So I could apply now, and then add the insurance letter if I understand this correctly.



CoE Instructions Image 002.png

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Richard,


that list is very helpful and it is very kind of you to share it here!


I will copy it to my notes, if you don't mind.

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22 hours ago, GeKoSc said:

When you register with the consulat...you need to have a flight reservation 

Not if you have a visa, when I applied I was entering on Visa Exemption so I had to include a return fare within the 45 days.

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20 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

>> simple answer, you need your insurance at the first step. 


I have this saved on my computer for such questions: Its a simple process once you you have your documents organised.


Step 1: Submit primary documents.


Log onto the following Website  https://coethailand.mfa.go.th

- Select the Country you are flying from

- IF there is a choice, choose the preferred mission (i.e. Embassy Berlin, or Consulate Munich / Frankfurt)

- Select Entry type (i.e. family of Thai / Retired / Visa exempt / Tourist Visa etc)


Sign in with Name / Passport # etc

- Upload your documents

            - Passport ID Page

            - Visa / Extension of stay

            - Supporting documents if required (Marriage Cert / Wifes ID or Passport)  

            - Insurance certificate (submitted at this stage)

- Submit the application (click submit at the bottom of the page)


You will receive an e-mail from the Thai Embassy (of country of application) informing you that your application for CoE has been confirmed, you will be given a 6 digit pin.


You will next receive an e-mail from the Thai Embassy (of country of application) informing that you your application for CoE has been Pre-approved


The pre-approval e-mail could be within an hour or could take a day or more, it depends how busy the Embassy is. 




Step 2 - Submit travel documentation


Log in to the Website  https://coethailand.mfa.go.th - upload travel Data section. Use your PIN to log in (*you will have received the Pin with the Pre-approval e-mail)


Upload your Flight Details, ASQ Details and Insurance certificate (again) and submit the application. 




Step 3 - Receive Certificate of Entry by e-mail:


You will receive an e-mail from the Thai Embassy (of country of application) informing that you your application for CoE has been approved. Your CoE will be attached to that e-mail.


This e-mail could take a few hours or a few days (depends how busy the embassy is)




1)         Get a Covid-19 RT PCR test before travel (3 days before)


2)         xx Get a Fit to Fly certificate from a Dr.  (that can be an online Doctor – there is one in Thailand that does that for 400 baht this requirement has been officially removed, but some airlines are still asking for it, best to have it just in case)

3)         Fill out the TM8 form (embassy will send you this with your CoE.

4)         Have a paper copy of all documents with you (they will all be checked at Check-in and a few times on arrival)

5)         Download the ’Thailand Plus’ App on your phone (to show immigration on arrival in BKK).



Paper Documents to have printed out which will be checked at Airline check-in and upon arrival. 

1)         Certificate of Entry

2)         TM8 Form

3)         Covid-19 RT PCR Negative certificate (<72 hrs before travel - This is required for Foreigners, not Thai’s)

4)         Fit to Fly letter / Certificate (<72 hrs before travel)

5)         Insurance Certificate

6)         ASQ Booking Confirmation 


& Download the ThaiPlus App (and register) just incase you are asked. 


The London Embassy didn’t forward a T8 to me, I printed one of the Internet.

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