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Renewing your Thai Driving License

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What are the current requirements for renewing I am told I need to go and book an appointment seeing I am not a Thai for the renewal.


What other things do I need to take with me when I go to renew??  Is a medical required and does it need to be done at the hospital?


All info happy to receive and thank you.

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I renewed my 5 year license this week in Mae Tang, I use that office instead of Hang Dong because it's less crowded and closer to where I live.


I had to make an appointment about five weeks ago, I was told this is because the office tries to fill classes who want to watch the safety video in English. As it turns out I was the only foreigner there so I was put into a class with Thai's and had to sit through a two hour safety video in Thai. Thai's can do an e-learning course online and take a test online also,  they then take the test results to the office which avoids the need to watch the video. Unfortunately you need a Thai ID number to make that work and despite reports to the contrary, you can't fool the system by using a passport number and leading zero's, at least it didn't work for me.


You need a certificate of residency from Immigration, I was told Immigration isn't issuing them any longer so I got mine by using a visa agent....1,500 Baht. You also need a medical certificate which costs 100 baht and is available from any clinic...answer a couple of questions and let the doctor listen to your heart and that's it. Both certificates are good for 30 days so timing is everything.


There are four physical tests at Mae Tang for those wanting a license but it seems as though those who renew a 5 year license only need to take the color blindness test. This involves a woman pointing out different colors on a chart. The other tests are peripheral vision, reaction and depth perception. Figure on three hours all told.


Good luck


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40 minutes ago, techno said:

Look at my post in the Chiang Mai forum, It should be the same at your nearest DLT

this is thailand......different to a normal country......at one DLT place one might need this.....go to another this is not needed !!!!

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Don't know where you live, but see if there is a Smart Drive location available.

4000 baht and they handle everything, medical cert, don't have to sit through the video, escort to the DL office and they deal with the officials. Did mine last December, money well spent IMO




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1 hour ago, whiteman said:

Is a medical required and does it need to be done at the hospital?

Now always required. Every clinic (licensed doctor) can do. There is a new form with a self-declaration part.


Of course you need passport, old license and a residence certificate. What is accepted for res.cert. seems to differ between offices.

(Certificate from immigration needed? You don't have a yellow book/pink card?)

Which office do you go to?


Appointment? Maybe another poster knows the current situation.

Usually a simple extension/renewal can be done by queuing early at the office.

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Did mine earlier this week. Immigration proof of address, medical cert done by one of the little clinics (60 baht), copy of old driving licence, copy of passport picture and current extension pages. Just turned up expecting to be given a date but was seen to immediately. They had fixed their test equipment for reaction time and depth perception and I had to watch a 45 minute video. Went back next morning for payment and picture taking. 

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'.at one DLT place one might need this.....go to another this is not needed' 

Its actually worse than that! At the Licence place on hwy 36 near Banglamung, 2 years ago the woman on the entry desk asked for my med cert for a renewal, tho the web site said not needed. Out of date, she said and turned away. 

5 days I later came back with cert, but kept it in my bag. Different woman and never asked. Need med cert I asked, no need she said. So typical of govt offices here, how often do different staff in IO give a different answer! 


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Latest in khonKaen, took my wife to renew HER licience on tuesday, sent away given appointment ten days forward for the training video, also need medical certificate, can be had for 100 bhat at clinic or 180 Bhat to man outside he takes ID and returns in about 15 mins, wife not need to go

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My story.


I went on Wednesday to the hospital to get my medical certificate (510Baht).

On Wednesday, I got my "Certificate of residence" through my Embassy.

I went to get some passport pictures.

I took all the necessary photocopies.


Armed with all the necessary documents, on Friday the 09th, I went to Bang Chak to renew my Thai DL from 2 to 5 years.



She said that I need a booking.

She gave a book and I had to write in my name and phone nr and got a slip handed over with the appointment date.

Next available appointment for foreigners was: 22nd of June.

She informed that I need a new medical certificated as it is only 1 month valid.


Back on the 22nd it is.


My license expires on 15th of May.

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