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Dr chucheep sahakitrungruang?

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Anyone know where he can be seen, apart from Bumrungrad? I thought he was also at Bangkok Christian but he does not appear on the Dr's list on their website. Also anyone been treated by him? Do not want to see him at Bumrungrad as the prices of surgery would certainly be higher than other places, but may have to if there is nowhere else.

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He is at Bangkok Christian on Mondays only  https://www.bch.in.th/find-doctor/doctor-profile/?smid=4581


I know many people treated by him. He is by far the best colorectal specialist in Thailand.


Can also be seen at Chulalongkorn (government hospital) but long waits & red tape, you need a Thai speaker along at least the first time and much of your initial dealings will not be with him but rather with medical students/residents under training

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I see him regularly at Bangkok Christian. He saved my life nearly 2 years ago with major cancer surgery. His medical ability and manner in treating you post surgery is second to none.

I was very fortunate to be recommended to him by Sheryl.


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