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Labour minister expresses concern for workers in Songkran exodus - advises people to keep up their guard

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Picture: Daily News


Thailand's labour minister Suchart Chomklin said he had instructed social security chiefs to make sure that people travelling at Songkran were treated properly in the event of accidents or the need for hospital visits. 


He expected many people to be travelling to their hometowns at Songkran. They could avail themselves of treatment under social security programs within 72 hours, reported Daily News


He called for people to not drink and drive to lessen accidents.


In general he said that people must not let down their guard regarding mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing and should avoid large gatherings. 


The minister's comments come amid widespread criticism to allow interprovincial travel amid a rapid rise in Covid cases in Thailand that is now universally called a third wave. 



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47 minutes ago, webfact said:

He called for people to not drink and drive to lessen accidents.

And stopping off on the way at a night club and sitting near a hi-so member of the government  is right out !

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I'm so glad to be in a village in Isan where the head man takes his duties seriously, come in from outside and you and your family isolate at home; this means nobody is likely to come home.

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